Friday, December 26, 2003

We interrupt this holiday

To bring you news that Craig Brown was apparently today's Telegraph leader writer, contributing the classic line:
If Brett Mann had time to think before being eaten by a crocodile earlier this week, he might have reflected on the dangers of banning hunting of any kind.
(Sadly not available online, but I promise you that it's the start of the third item in today's Telegraph leader column)

Tuesday, December 23, 2003


I'm off to eat, drink and be merry back home for a few days. See you Sunday/Monday sometime.

Monday, December 22, 2003


Reading JG Ballard's quite amusing reasons for not accepting a CBE - 'I might have been tempted had I been entitled to call myself Commander Ballard - it has a certain ring. I could see a yachting cap and a rum ration as perks of the job.' - I thought of a situation where it would be quite apt for him to accept one. In the unlikely event of the honours system being changed in the near future to not be connected to the Empire, he'd be a very good choice as the person to accept the last CBE or whatever. There'd definitely be something Ballardian in being the last person to receive an honour of that sort. It would be one of those epochal moments of the end of a system, the breakdown of a way of life that features so often in his novels.

Reading the list of people who've turned down honours is quite interesting as well. There are a lot of people on there who you'd expect or have heard about - I mentioned Albert Finney turning one down a few weeks ago - but who would've expected Peter Alliss, the epitome of a golf club bore, to have turned one down?

Unintentionally Humorous Newspaper Columnist of the Day

Has to go to Tony Parsons for his column on Pop Idol winner Michelle. You can sense that it's just another round in the ongoing Parsons/Burchill feud, with Michelle just standing in for Parson's ex-wife. I wonder how many Freudian typos saw Parsons typing 'Julie' instead of 'Michelle' when he was writing it?

I have a feeling that there may be an article praising Michelle to the skies from Burchill in the very near future.