Saturday, September 04, 2004

Dear Sir

Those of you wondering what's happened to James Graham can get a little fix here. Though being on the Guardian's letter page is so last year, you know?

The channel that launched a thousand posts

No doubt giving various bloggers the chance to be outraged about even more things should they have run out by then, Al-Jazeera plans to launch an English language channel next year.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Local decay for local people

It just sits there brainlessly sucking in toxic waste. There can be no better skill set for an aspiring New Labour MP.

Who needs real news when we've got Blood and Treasure?

Imagine, if you will

This is rather good - Planet of the Apes re-edited as an episode of The Twilight Zone. (It's a 60Mb QuickTime download, so don't try it if you're on dialup)


Watching Bush give his Convention speech from the centre of the floor, reminded me of someone else who tried a similar tactic last year.

He lost his job not long after, of course.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Tomorrow's blog posts today

As you may well know already, George Bush will be making his speech tonight to the Republican National Convention which will of course get lots of coverage on various blogs. So, to make reading all the posts about it even more fun, how about a game of Bush Speech Blog Post Buzzword Bingo?

It's quite simple, really. Based on the original idea of Business Buzzword Bingo, I've listed below 24 words or phrases ('BINGO!' is a freebie) that are likely to occur in these posts, and your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to find either the one post that includes the most of them, or the smallest number of posts that, when combined, include them all. If you want to play a shorter version, you can just go for a line of five in any direction, of course. One line has been written with a particular blog in mind, so there's a bonus prize for spotting it.

Texan wisdomDemocrat vacillationIslamofascismstrong valuesFrenchmen like John Kerry
decisivenesscouragegets my votemanlyvision
leadershipmoralityBINGO!really gets itstanding ovation in front of my TV
brought tears to my eyessteely eyedtrue gritdivinely inspiredone of the great speeches of our time
faithpure truthcharmingtrue heroismreally reporting for duty

The prize, as always, is the chance to refuse a copy of Simply Red's Stars from Matt Turner.

Tbogg has some things you might hear as well.

Where are you?

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Over at Charlotte Street, Mark has some notes on obligatory rhetorical tools for bloggers:
“intoning” – when quoting your opponent's argument always interpolate ‘he intones/ intoned’. This works with almost any statement. Even if your opponent is not ‘intoning’ your remark will have a delectable sarcasm, as in '“fuck you” he intoned, solemnly'.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Crazed extremists

You know, I've seen some nonsense in the comments boxes of Conservative Commentary before, but this really just takes the prize - the discussion to this post about Star Trek: Deep Space Nine goes on to talk about the best SF TV show, and no one mentions Farscape. There's no hope for them, I tell you.

Great headlines of our time

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Proving that it's not limited to the Olympics, there's a judging contretemps at the Air Guitar World Championships as well. The title ended up shared between an American and a Kiwi.

But, it got me thinking, why just Air Guitar? Why not Air Drums, Air Keyboards or even Air Bass? Think of it, the World Air Bass Championships where, in the tradition of great bass guitarists like whatsit, thingy, you know that one, and the guy at the back with the four string guitar, contestants woulw in points for being as anonymous and unassuming as possible. Lemmy impersonators would definitely not be welcome.