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Latest Castle Ward planning applications

It’s a new year, and so we have the first applications with a 14 at the start. 131463: New foot/cycle bridge, Castle Park. 132074: Listed building application to repair windows. 132799: Ground floor front extension, Causton Road. 135833: Listed building application for new wheelchair access, Head Street. 136189: New fire door, Culver Square. 136196: Garage […]

Latest Castle Ward planning applications

Apologies for not updating these in far too long, but here are the latest applications for Castle Ward that are still open for public comments: 132174: Change of use from dental studio to flats, St Botolph’s Street. 132209 and 132210: Garden room at rear of property, East Street. 132236: Replacement windows, Castle Road. 132243: External […]


It’s October 1977. I’m five years old, and on the TV screen a virus is growing into something much much bigger than a virus has any right to be, and a professor is introducing his robot dog. The Invisible Enemy is that month’s slice of Doctor Who, but the reason I mention it is because […]

On Doctor Who, stories and ‘canon’

(Or, ‘Nick’s writing complicated posts about Doctor Who again, so look away now if you’re only here for the politics) First up, if you haven’t already, go read Teatime Brutality’s post ‘Canon and sheep shit: Why we fight‘ which explains why there’s no such thing as a Doctor Who ‘canon’. Second, if you haven’t seen […]

On open letters

As I see it, open letters take one of two forms. The first one is possibly useful: Dear (insert name of recipient), Hey, I’ve lost all your contact details, and as you’ve got a pretty common name, googling you isn’t helping me find them. I’m hoping that you look at this site and remember me, […]

On Jumbo

As you may have heard by now, Colchester Borough Council’s Planning Committee voted last night to reject the latest proposal for Jumbo. I was at the meeting and spoke against the plans, so I’m glad the committee agreed with me, but I thought I would expand on my views here. Firstly, I would recommend reading […]

Castle Ward planning applications, up to 20th October

Apologies for falling way behind on these, but these are all the planning applications in Castle Ward that I’m aware of since the last update. 131739: Conversion of shop to residential flat, North Hill. 131855: Listed building consent to widen a fire door, High Street. 131868: Advertisement consent for new signage, Culver Street West. 131905: […]

David Blunkett and the Nazi propaganda

So, David Blunkett thinks we should censor the internet, because Nazis. No, that is his argument: Drawing a parallel with Germany before the rise of the Nazis, he suggested a loose moral climate had fed the paranoia and fear that had allowed Adolf Hitler to flourish. “In the late 1920s and early 1930s, Berlin came […]

Castle Ward planning applications, up to 20th September

I’ve fallen a bit behind on these, not helped by there being a big flurry of them in the past few days when I was away at party conference. But anyway, here are all the latest applications: 130472: Listed building consent for internal partition, Town Hall. 131580: Change of use from B1 offices to residential, […]

Worth Reading 113: Begin the Hallel

What the Royal Parks is doing to a charity softball league should matter to us all – David Allen Green on public space. Can you solve Slate‘s gerrymandering jigsaw puzzle? – The bizarre world of US political boundaries, and what happens when they’re set by politicians. On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs – “Why did […]