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Can you make an intentionally bad movie?

You know you’ve made it as a blogger (and it only took eight years!) when you write a post about a film, and said film’s director comments on your post. But then, if someone was mistaking me for Michael Bay, I’d probably feel the need to comment too. Atlanta Nights – the film in question […]

The perfect script

Here’s some movie news: Atlanta Nights, by Travis Tea, has been optioned for a film. The book was created in 2004 as part of a sting operation by members of SFWA against the publisher PublishAmerica. After the book was accepted the the hoax revealed, PublishAmerica canceled the contract. Well, you think, maybe they just got […]


Just had an idea for a film that would surely be a massive success, merging two things that are very popular in various media: Gladiators vs Zombies. Tattered corpses lurching through the streets of ancient Rome to confront the serried ranks of gladiators who stand waiting for them as the last line of defence before […]

Troy Kennedy Martin RIP

Veteran writer Troy Kennedy Martin has died. I’m sure the media reports of his death will centre on the fact he wrote The Italian Job, and they’re not to be blamed for that as it is iconic within British film, but for me his most important work will always be Edge Of Darkness. A few […]

Patrick Swayze RIP

Remember him with one of his greatest films:

Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus

It perhaps indicates the sort of film fans that I talk to that this was one of the most anticipated film events of the year: Sadly, as with real Hollywood films, anticipation from the trailer didn’t live up to expectation and MS vs GO is just a bad film, not a ‘so bad it’s good’ […]

This download brought to you by…

I’m not entirely sure whether these figures for the number of times certain TV shows and films have been downloaded are trustworthy – there’s an air of ‘and the World Cup Final has 5 billion people watching’* about them – but if they are in the same ballpark as the number of actual download viewers, […]

No second chances. He’s that kind of a man.

We have a new contender for the list of Greatest Things Ever: Via Graham Linehan, who states entirely reasonably: ‘This is my favourite news ever. Why isn’t this ON the news?’ Related PostsWorth Reading 106: Housing agreements Worth Reading 86: All out of everything Thoughts on the night-time economy, in Colchester and elsewhere Thoughts on […]

All major problems solved in Liverpool

We have good news from Liverpool (via Liberal Vision), where all the important issues facing the city have clearly been solved. After all, they can’t have anything more important to deal with if they’ve got the time to carry out this consultation about giving films that feature smoking an 18 certificate in the city. Sadly, […]

Don’t be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the Imperial Party!

It can’t just be me who, on seeing the headline ‘Star Wars to become stage spectacle‘, had visions of Star Wars: The Musical with a chorus line of dancing stormtroopers and vogueing Wookies? Of course, if they were to do that, it’d be the first Star Wars-branded entertainment in about ten years I’d have any […]