Worth reading 26: Doubly unlucky

That’s 26 out of the way, and so the next post will come from America in seven years time, and all links will be hammed up by Eric Roberts first.

How We Train Our Cops To Fear Islam – From the US, but a frightening article about how freelance ‘anti-terrorism’ consultants are training cops with some disturbing messages (via)
A Wikipedia Editor Looks at the Bible – Can the contradictions in the Bible be explained as the result of an edit war? (via)
If you want to speak at a council meeting, get elected – I’m not linking to this because I agree with it, but because it’s Peter Cuthbertson in full-on pompousness like the clone of Simon Heffer, and it reminds me of how blogging used to be in 2003.
Richard Peppiatt’s letter to Daily Star proprietor Richard Desmond – A Daily Star journalist explains just why he can’t work at the paper anymore.
Revolutionary roads – “Without true institutional change, kings and dictators can change their minds”

Worth Reading 15: Ides, ides, ides

The Daily Mail And Stephen Green: A Torrid Romance – The Mail, as ever, is never afraid to eat its own in the interests of a good story
The Wilkinsons and ‘Christian’ opposition to anti-discrimination laws – “If the Wilkinsons are truly naive and thought their B&B was just a private home, I wonder were they paying tax on the proceeds of their business, as well as complying with the fire and safety regulations that apply to B&Bs? If they were, they know fine well that the nature of their business meant that their home was, in law, treated rather differently than any other private home.”
Rupert Murdoch – A Portrait Of Satan – A fascinating look at the billionaire tyrant from Adam Curtis’ BBC blog
Woman Accused of Faking Disability by Nadine Dorries Has Painful Foot Operation – one day, people will stop taking Nadine Dorries seriously. Until then, we’ll just have to keep exposing her lies. (Warning, contains descriptions of surgery some people may find a bit graphic)
How to Take Over a Politically Unstable Country in Six Easy Steps – Your step-by-step guide to a coup, though I’m worried about putting this in the same roundup as Rupert Murdoch, just in case he starts getting ideas

And a special bonus for today – a guest post by me at Keep Colchester Cycling on my first bike.

A marriage made in a very restrictive view of heaven

According to her website, Jan Moir has a partner referred to only as ‘S’.

Our old friends at Christian Voice have a press release echoing her comments that Stephen Gateley’s death was linked to his being gay.

Christian Voice is run by (and possibly composed entirely of) Stephen Green. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

Come laugh at the fish in my barrel

Right, serious debate time. Which is funnier:

  • Conservapedia attempt to correct the notorious liberal bias present in the Bible, or;
  • This piece of art, which has to be seen to be believed (and check the detailed descriptions in the box to the right)
  • There’s only one to way find out….PRAYERFIGHT!

    In the event of Rapture…not much will change, really.

    I was wondering if I should do a farewell post, just in case the stopped clock principle has finally come good and the predictions that the end of the world would begin today are right. (via Jamie)

    Then I realised that even if they are right, there’s very little chance that I, or any of my readers are likely to be taken bodily up to heaven, and so things will likely carry on as normal anyway. If I’m wrong about that, then feel free to forgive me on your way up.

    Sorry, I cannot answer your question. Now burn in hell.

    As part of my ongoing mission to make this site consist solely of links to Graham Linehan’s – it’s like stalking, but without the secrecy or the scariness – here he is talking about strange quotes found on fundamentalist sites (warning: language some may find offensive, and opinions others may find offensive. A small number of people may be offended by both).

    But there is one reason for posting here besides that. This quote:

    As far as I am concerned if an answer to a question isn’t in the
    bible, then the you have no business asking the question.

    I just wonder how one is meant to find out if an answer is in the bible without asking a question first? It sounds like some strange parlour game where you not only have to find the right questions to get the answer you need, but also have to be careful not to lose your turn (or possibly parts of your body) by asking a question that the answerer doesn’t know how to respond to.

    Whyever would we think that, Tony?

    Sometimes it’s just too easy:

    Tony Blair avoided talking about his religious views while in office for fear of being labelled “a nutter”, the former prime minister has revealed.

    Yes, because there’s absolutely nothing nutterish at all about this, is there?:

    Holidaying on the Mexican Riviera in August 2001, they underwent a “rebirthing ritual” in a temazcal – a Mayan steam bath which represents the womb. Herb-infused water was thrown over heated lava rocks to create a cleansing sweat and balance the Blairs’ “energy flow”, while their therapist, Nancy Aguilar, told the credulous couple to imagine animal-shapes in the steam and explained what such visions meant.

    The Prime Minister of Great Britain and his wife, a Crown Court judge, wished for peace on earth, then screamed to signify the pain of rebirth before venturing outside again.

    They were offered watermelon and papaya, then told to smear any uneaten fruit over each other’s bodies, along with mud from the jungle outside. They then walked hand in hand down the beach to swim in the sea.

    One down, 534 to go

    Via Graham Linehan, the USA gets its first atheist member of Congress, Pete Stark of California:

    Stark, who is a Unitarian, is the highest-ranking American politician to openly declare that he is nontheist. Although Stark denies a belief in a god, he was quick to note that the Stark family does recognize a supreme being: Mrs. Stark.

    Though it does help to confirm my belief that a Unitarian is just an atheist who likes to go to church.