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Bank Holiday Classic Gold Blogging

I remembered the Straw Man Institute the other day. Reproduced here, just in case the Sharpener site finally goes blunt and falls off the web. One of the problems of modern newspaper publishing is the question of how to fill the blank pages of the newspaper every day. After all, even though there‚Äôs a lot […]

A flaw in the Golden Dozen?

Not sure if anyone’s mentioned this before, but a thought occurred to me that there might be a flaw in the way the Lib Dem Voice Golden Dozen, specifically the seven most popular links, is compiled. Those top seven are based on the seven posts that receive the most click-throughs from the Lib Dem Blogs […]

But are you liberal with your bets?

Can’t remember if I’ve ever suggested this before back in the mists of blogtime, but I was playing poker online last night and wondering how many other of my readers and fellow bloggers play, and whether there’d be interest in setting up some sort of game or tournament for British political bloggers/Lib Dem bloggers or […]

Trading Standards in the age of the internet

A thought occurs to me: if you have a phone capable of sending messages by SMS, what’s to stop you branding it as ‘Twitter-compatible’? An addition to this is the thought that someone – possibly inspired by the Amstrad Emailer – is currently working on a Home Twitterphone system so that you too can join […]

Nostalgia Tours

Having just got back into the habit of regular blogging, I’ve been rediscovering the habits that go along with it such as the occasional perusing of my Sitemeter pages (and I’m still Old Skool enough to be using them, not your newfangled Google Analytics or whatever) and noticed this afternoon that I was getting some […]

Playground football

As the controls for regular football games on consoles become increasingly complex, and the games become harder and harder to play in the ridiculously high-scoring manner they used to be, why has no one yet created a playground football game? You could have a gain that ranged through all the permutations from three-and-in on a […]

C’est magnifique, mais ce n’est pas…

“If you have to ask whether or not its art, then please adjust your definition of art.” With my hour on the plinth now just nine days away, I found this an interesting read. Related PostsAndy Warhol times four P Minus 395 minutes and counting Public appearance

It’ll be Ellison next, you watch

2007: Vonnegut 2008: Clarke 2009: Ballard All the futures are dying.

Nuclear dreams, dashed

We were discussing nuclear power in the pub after a group meeting – as you do – and an interesting point came up where I discovered I wasn’t alone in my youthful misconceptions, so what I’m wondering is how widespread this may have been. When I was growing up in the 70s – or before […]

Only on the internet

I’ve just seen someone on a forum being pedantic about the meaning of ‘pedantry’. That sound you hear is the internet eating itself.