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I’m Proud Of The BBC

Because how many broadcasting companies attract this sort of love? I’m trying to decide what my favourite rhyme from it is – is it ‘Fireman Sam’ and ‘The Ascent Of Man’, or ‘John Peel’ and ‘Children In Need Appeal’? Related PostsWorth Reading 75: I was your sorry ever after Local news and local elections BBC […]

Ben Howard, Community Champion

It’s nice to have something positive to write about for once, and as it’s Friday, this should get the weekend off to a good start. Some of you may have attended Colchester Free Festival this year and enjoyed a rather nice day out in Castle Park. If you want to show your appreciation to the […]

Fifteen albums

So, there’s a meme going round Facebook, LiveJournal and various other places that for once doesn’t seem to be a way to get you to answer questions that might give away the security information for your bank account. The Rules: Don’t take too long to think about it. Fifteen albums you’ve heard that will always […]

Vote music

Right, the man responsible for this – amongst so many other crime against music – has come out for the Tories today: And don’t let it be forgotten that this man has been campaigning with David Cameron: And never let this man’s Tory allegiances be forgotten: Meanwhile, this was created by a Liberal Democrat: And […]

Next time, they’ll just go for Muzak

Something I noticed in Marina Hyde’s Guardian election sketch yesterday: Thrillingly, Team Cameron appear to travel with their own Surrey wedding DJ, who thought he really knew how to warm up the largely middle-aged and pensioner crowd at Marston’s. “Don’t give up, you’ve got the music in you!” insisted the New Radicals. I do love […]

Call and response

One of my favourite songs is Barry McGuire’s 1965 protest song, Eve of Destruction: I was interested to discover that a group called The Spokesmen had responded to McGuire (and PF Sloan, who wrote Eve of Destruction) with a song called Dawn of Correction: As ever, you can see why the original is remembered, while […]

Maybe I’m just too old…

So, I went to the V festival in Chelmsford on Saturday and caught a bit of Babyshambles, which prompts a question: Given that they sound like a bad pub rock band attempting to sound like the Stone Roses, but failing miserably, why do people persist in pretending that Pete Docherty possesses talent? On a positive […]

Just a simple question

For anyone complaining that Eurovision is a ‘fix’ and blighted by ‘block voting/neighbour voting’: if it’s such a massive problem that occurs year after year, why is it that Serbia are the first Balkan country to win the contest since 1989?

Look what I’ve made (part 2)

Yes, I’ve made another video. This time, it’s the Flaming Lips on Platform One for Do You Realize (It’s The End Of The World)?. (Download information here)

Look what I made

I discovered how to make videos on the computer, so now I’m having a world of fun while I should be doing other things. Anyway, if you want to see what I can do with a Mercury Rev song and a Doctor Who episode then click here. (More information and download options here.)