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The world’s most pointless Venn diagram

Inspired by this piece of news, which is quite interesting casting actually.

EXCLUSIVE: First David Miliband campaign video

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How Twitter memes happen (it’s all #nickcleggsfault)

For entirely ego-driven reasons, I feel the world needs to know how this morning’s Twitter meme began: chickyog: Morning all. has Nick Robinson exploded yet? nickjbarlow: @chickyog No, but when he does, the Telegraph and Mail will claim it’s Nick Clegg’s fault. chickyog: @nickjbarlow Ha. I feel a meme coming on. chickyog: Just stubbed my […]

From Grantham to Port Stanley: The Opera

Ken MacLeod‘s novel Newton’s Wake features a character living on a distant world in a post-Singularity future who writes operas based on badly remembered and misunderstood history. This gives us classics like The Tragedy of Leonid Brezhnev with gun-toting communist leaders denouncing each other as revisionists in song. It only comes to mind because Conservative […]

Keeping you safe

Something about the previous post reminded me of something, then I realised it was this: In The Know: Is The Government Spying On Paranoid Schizophrenics Enough? Related PostsWorth Reading 21: Five Link Trick More on being your own Big Brother Safe beneath the watchful eyes

Come laugh at the fish in my barrel

Right, serious debate time. Which is funnier: Conservapedia attempt to correct the notorious liberal bias present in the Bible, or; This piece of art, which has to be seen to be believed (and check the detailed descriptions in the box to the right) There’s only one to way find out….PRAYERFIGHT! Related PostsWorth Reading 116: The […]

For any passing TV executives

We need a new TV series in the mould of Dallas or Dynasty. Just as they burst out of a recession economy to wow the world with glamour, glitz and conspicuous consumption, surely something similar would work today, given the audience a dose of high-end trash to amuse them in times of austerity. What’s needed […]

Vote for me, I possess a finger

I remember when I was living in Swansea and new to all this politics lark, someone once told me that ‘you can tell when an election’s near, you’ll see Peter Black wandering around pointing at things.’ Peter is yet to feature on the Glum Councillors site, but it collects other fine examples of local representatives […]

Trading Standards in the age of the internet

A thought occurs to me: if you have a phone capable of sending messages by SMS, what’s to stop you branding it as ‘Twitter-compatible’? An addition to this is the thought that someone – possibly inspired by the Amstrad Emailer – is currently working on a Home Twitterphone system so that you too can join […]

Because it’s hard to have a nuanced debate in 140 characters

Some other hashtags that might have been used instead of #welovethenhs: #nothenhsisntperfectbutilikehavingasystemthatsfreeatthepointofdelivery #iactuallydontgetonwithmygpbutidstillratherdiscussmyhealthcarewiththemthansomeonfromaninsurancecompanythankyouverymuch #ihavealotofexperienceofhowthefrenchsystemcaredformybrotherandthinkthatseemedprettyeffective #copayisaveryuglywordandidontwantasystemthatmeanswehavetostartusingit #casualtyisstillrunningwhileerhasbeencancelledsothatsoneniltothenhsrightthere Related PostsI’d like to thank the Academy… Budgeting This, apparently, is how reporting is done nowadays 2010 General Election Diary Day 17: It’s all #nickcleggsfault Hooray, hooray, holi-holi-day