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I went further and got a bigger plane

Not a bad day yesterday, even though I didn’t make it to my final destination – was aiming for Broadway, but started pretty late and didn’t want to leave my brother Andrew (who was picking me up at the end of the day) sit around too much, so ended it at Willersey, which was still […]

One mile more and I get a free plane

If I’ve been counting right, I’m up to 736 miles now, having walked all the way to Redditch, where I’m now enjoying a day off doing as little as possible – and I’ll be doing the same on Monday. I haven’t had a full day off in almost two weeks, so I’m making the most […]

Push it

After going a bit further than I’d planned over the last few days, I’ve almost got to Hartington a day early. Almost as I’m actually here, but I’ve only walked as far as Pomeroy, a few miles north of here. Still, it means I can take the next couple of days at a more relaxed […]

Catching up

That’s one of the disadvantages of B&Bs – unlike hostels, they tend not to have internet access, at least not for guests, so I haven’t been able to make any updates as I’ve passed through Yorkshire. Anyway, it’s been an interesting week as I’ve steered down the eastern edge of the Pennines, passing over a […]

Still going

Haven’t been able to get onto the internet in the last week, but all is still well. I’m currently in Haworth, about a day behind the schedule I posted last week because of an unscheduled day off on Sunday because of a stomach ache. Aside from that, things are mostly fine – if only it […]

South by southeast

So, having had a wander round Alston and a quick trip on the South Tynedale along the path I walked in on yesterday, here’s the rough plan for the next week: Tomorrow (Wednesday 30th) I’m heading off to Langdon Beck/Forest-In-Teesdale which, even using the roads, is likely to take me to the highest point of […]

Mud, mud, inglorious mud

If anyone ever tells you that you should walk the Pennine Way because it’s fun and enjoyable, here’s what to do: Go straight to your nearest outdoor shop (Milletts or Blacks, most likely) and buy yourself one or two walking poles – preferably aluminium ones, not carbon fibre – then go back to your friend […]

A journey in pictures

As I’ve now worked out how to email from my phone, you can now see a lot more pictures – with most of them in a much bigger size too – of where I am or where I’ve been at Flickr. (Caution: contains snakes without the government’s recommended daily amount of Samuel L Jackson)


Just to let you all know that I am still alive and still on the move – I made it to England on Friday and have been progressing south since then and am now in Alston, about to enjoy a day off tomorrow, when I’ll fill you in with a lot more detail about where […]

Heading south

It’s strange to think, if all goes to plan, that in a day and a half I’ll be leaving Scotland and heading into England, exactly one month after starting this walk. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt since setting off, it’s that Scotland is much bigger than you think. Consider that Inverness is regarded as […]