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Europe – What You Can Get Away With

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So what am I thinking about today?

I’m thinking back to 1987, when I got the chance to go to West Berlin on a school trip. I can remember seeing the Berlin Wall, one side of it covered in defiantly hopeful graffiti, the other flanked by a massive literal dead…

A question on Brexit and trade

I’ve already explained why I’ll be voting Remain next Thursday, and nothing I’ve seen, heard or read over the last couple of months has changed my mind on that, but here’s a question about the arguments of the Leave side that I’ve not…

Why I’ll be voting to remain in the European Union

There’s still over sixteen weeks to go until June 23rd, but when the referendum finally rolls around I will be voting for the UK to remain a member of the European Union. This hasn’t been a hard decision for me, and I’ve been…

History with a finger on the fast forward button

Found via Nosemonkey, this time-lapse map of European history is rather good:

Predictions for 2011

I’m reliably informed that if I want to be taken seriously as a blogger again, then I must post some predictions for things that will happen in the next year. So, here goes: 1) Wolves will be relegated for the Premiership. Even when…

Petitions to #stopblair

Want to stop Tony Blair becoming President of the Council of the European Union? Well, if you’re not one of the 27 leaders in the Council who’ll make the decision (and if you are, please leave a comment) you don’t get a say…

Le Grand Depart

I had a nice day out in London yesterday – even if I did get a little sunburnt – watching the prologue time trial of the Tour de France. There are pictures here, and I even remembered who some of the cyclists were,…

Just a simple question

For anyone complaining that Eurovision is a ‘fix’ and blighted by ‘block voting/neighbour voting’: if it’s such a massive problem that occurs year after year, why is it that Serbia are the first Balkan country to win the contest since 1989?


One detail that’s amused me in the aftermath of the French Presidential election is that Sarkozy, after telling the people of France they need to work harder and follow the pattern of the UK and the US more, has decided to spend the…

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