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And who was watching you last night?

Welcome to 2008, and the news that the UK is one of the world’s ‘endemic surveillance socities’ (via Duncan). The good news is, of course, that we are still capable of keeping up with the superpowers at some things as the USA, Russia…

Letting them die

From Dan Hardie: I’ve had emails from three people who claim to be – and who almost certainly are- Iraqi former employees of the British Government. All three say that they and their former colleagues are still at risk of death for their…

I am offended by your right to be offended

Is it still ultra stylish to use the phrase ‘blogging up a storm’ or is it rather infra dig? Well, whatever may be the phrase of the moment applies to Alex Wilcock, who’s written a series of excellent posts on religion and anti-discrimination…

Because we don’t have enough stupid laws already

Ian Blair must resign says Alex. But don’tworry if he does go, because Tarique Ghaffur is putting in a bid to replace him as the senior police office most likely to suggest stupid things. Yes, because coming up with plans to stop the…

You can read this

Yes, yes, you probably heard about this months ago, but if you haven’t already, check out Amnesty’s Irrepressible online campaign.

‘A blank cheque drawn against our own freedom’

Via Justin, Keith Olbermann on the 2006 Military Commission Act, or below the cut: