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Warning: Red line approaching

I suspect that sometime in the next few years, we’re all going to become heartily sick of the words ‘red line’ in relation to politics. But, while we wait for a better short description of ‘things the Government would do that would make me want to pull my party out of it and reconsider my […]

I have nothing to say about Trafigura

If you haven’t read this or seen this, you might never have heard of the oil company Trafigura before. Indeed, they could have stayed nicely below many people’s radars, just they way they like to be, except for the fact they took their desire for secrecy a bit too far. Apparently, it’s possible to use […]

Thoughts on David Davis

Blood and Treasure: It seems to me that the choice available over this is to outsmart yourself by trying to uncover the “real reasons” behind his resignation or take him at his word and push the issue. The question that occurs to me is this: Who knew about this first – Nick Clegg or David […]

And who was watching you last night?

Welcome to 2008, and the news that the UK is one of the world’s ‘endemic surveillance socities’ (via Duncan). The good news is, of course, that we are still capable of keeping up with the superpowers at some things as the USA, Russia and China all receive the same rating. And remember that Gordon Brown […]

Another superb work of satire

I’m trying to work out who wrote this piece on Comment is Free, supposedly by Jack Straw. My initial suspicion is Armando Ianucci or Chris Morris, as it has that level of absurdity, that sense of turning the whole world inside out so black is white and up is down that they try to infuse […]

The ‘reputation of the Oxford Union’

As most of you probably know already, I didn’t go to Oxford or Cambridge. Instead, I spent my University days by the sea at Swansea, which may be why some of the shock and horror at the latest brouhahaha about the Oxford Union confuses me. One of the complaints from those opposed to Griffin and […]

Protesting in secret

Just noticed this on the BBC’s ‘Have Your Say’ about flag-burning (which features occasional moments of sense breaking out amongst all the usual ‘ban anything that might offend me’ comments): Will these proposals risk driving political protests underground? Leaving aside the question of what the point of a secret protest might be, one wonders what […]

Because we don’t have enough stupid laws already

Ian Blair must resign says Alex. But don’tworry if he does go, because Tarique Ghaffur is putting in a bid to replace him as the senior police office most likely to suggest stupid things. Yes, because coming up with plans to stop the growing menace of flag-burning and the wearing of balaclavas on demonstrations should […]

‘A blank cheque drawn against our own freedom’

Via Justin, Keith Olbermann on the 2006 Military Commission Act, or below the cut: