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Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

…is to find a candidate in the General Election with a website worse than this. Of course, it could be argued that the site reflects the candidate – many people find Phil Woolas to be particularly offensive, so his having a website that feels like a calculated and co-ordinated offensive against your eyes is pretty […]

Is the fix in?

Another thought struck me this morning: what if Gordon Brown already knows when he’s resigning? We can safely assume that if he was to resign that the General Election countdown clock would start, with the dissolution of Parliament likely happening within a week of the announcement of the new Labour leader. So, what if Brown […]

The Tom Lehrer moment

A few weeks ago, talking about BNP proposals for teenage mothers, I wrote: given that it’s an insane plan based on a kneejerk reaction to create a non-solution to a perceived problem, there’s every chance it might already be being considered at some level of the Government. God, I hate being right: Mr Brown says […]

Shoulda, woulda, coulda

I suppose I should be glad that my gym gives out free copies of the Daily Mail, because if they hadn’t, I’d never have known that they were posing the question of ‘Should Britain invade Zimbabwe?‘ For those of you wondering what might happen if Britain was to invade Zimbabwe, you’ll be glad to hear […]

Poem: In search of a gilded benefactor

I’ve been messing around with writing poetry recently, and my thoughts went back to those glorious days of yore when artists didn’t have to worry about pleasing the masses. All they sought to do was win the attention of a single wealthy patron, who would shower them with sufficient coin to ensure they could continue […]

Resigning from the cabinet is like making love to a beautiful woman

I’m rather disappointed that Swiss Peter’s reason for resigning from the Cabinet wasn’t ‘to spend more time with my tan’.

Spoilers for reality

Well, the BBC have given away the result of the Labour Deputy Leadership election, but it’s still fun to watch the results announced – there seemed to be an air of relief across the hall accompanied by a (larger than you’d expect if they were just being polite) round of applause when it was announced […]