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On political stereotypes and Doctor Who

YouGov have done a survey asking people their opinions about Doctor Who and what characteristics they want to see in the next Doctor. As politics and Doctor Who are two of this blog’s continuing obsessions, I couldn’t resist writing about it – and this post becomes even more ‘my entire blogging history in one post’ […]

The things you miss when you’re hard at work

Just got back from a day’s delivering and envelope-stuffing to discover that I missed a Green canvasser calling on us while I was out. Given that our candidate in a neighbouring ward, who also happens to be the sitting councillor and a former Mayor of Colchester, got a visit from a Conservative canvasser not long […]

Let’s get expansionist

Noticed this the other day on the Voidstar politics blogs aggregator – the English Democrats (who boast that they’re ‘putting England first’) have announced the location of their conference next year: It is planned to hold the Spring 2007 AGM in Monmouthshire. This would be the Monmouthshire that’s in Wales, right?