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Why we should try weekend voting

One constant from across the country following Thursday’s elections is laments about the low turnout. Even by the usually low standards for local elections, where getting over 40% turnout is seen as an achievement, Thursday’s turnout was pretty woeful. Now, it may be possible to come up with some explanations for the specifically low turnout […]

2012 Colchester local election results

First up, the result here in Castle Ward was: Jo Hayes (Liberal Democrat) 861 Peter Lynn (Green Party 395) Shamim Rashid (Conservative Party) 382 Bob Fisher (Labour) 285 Ron Levy (UKIP) 206 Thanks to everyone who voted to make Jo our next councillor, and with a larger majority than me! Yet again, there was very […]

The result

As I’ve already had one phone call this morning asking how I did, here’s the result for Castle Ward: Nick Barlow (Lib Dem): 1113 Green: 715 Conservative: 583 Labour: 368 Thanks to everyone who voted for me, and I look forward to representing you for another four years. Elsewhere in Colchester, everything stayed the same […]

Why vote for me today?

First, I want to thank the voters of Castle Ward for giving me the chance to represent you as one of your councillors for the last four years. Representing the oldest part of Britain’s oldest recorded town has been a great honour, and I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to do it again for […]

Voting tomorrow

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow – your polling station should be on your poll card, but you can vote without it if you’ve lost or misplaced it. The polling stations for Castle ward are: Friends Meeting House, 6 Church Street (next to the Arts Centre) if you’re in St Mary’s, Lexden Road, the west side […]

Election manifesto

I’ve just realised that I’ve forgotten to link to our local election manifesto for Colchester this year. So, if you want to read it, you can by clicking here (though it is a pdf file, so you’ll need Adobe Reader to read it) Related PostsLibellous thoughts A manifesto idea: Repeal one, pass one

You decide: first past the post, or free access to green cheese?

According to sources that I can’t reveal, I can exclusively reveal that should the country vote No in the referendum on 5th May, we will be required to gold-plate every pencil used at polling stations. This will cost something in the region of eleventy squillion pounds, and it’s clear that the country can’t afford this […]

Do you like me?

I’ve been somewhat reticent about doing this, partly because of the way it’s oddly reminiscent of the playground and lists of who happens to be who’s friend, but I’ve now set up a public Facebook page for my Council work. So, you can now feel free to like me or ignore me on there as […]

No 2 asking your opinion

This is one of those moments you couldn’t make up. The No2AV campaign have put a video up on YouTube that highlights their extremely dubious claim that changing voting systems would cost £250m. After all, the most important factor about democracy is how much it costs. Of course, as YouTube is an open medium where […]

The referendum issues

Yes, the burning issue here is the old one – is the plural referendums or referenda? First up, interesting news from Wales where there’ll be a referendum at the start of March on granting new powers to the Welsh Assembly. The interesting part comes from the news that there may be no official referendum campaigns […]