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Bizarre world – Page 2 – What You Can Get Away With

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Hedging your bets

I blame Ben Goldacre, quite frankly. He was telling people on Twitter about a bizarre flyer that had come through his door – though seemingly not targeted at him personally – and my love of reading about conspiracy theories came to the fore…

Was this happening while I lived in Swansea?

Odd story of the day comes from Peter Black: As testimony to an enduring but rather extreme fascination with Egyptology, the mummy worshippers – many wearing robes and head-dresses – STROLL into the display room containing Tem Hor’s bandaged body and involve themselves…

No second chances. He’s that kind of a man.

We have a new contender for the list of Greatest Things Ever: Via Graham Linehan, who states entirely reasonably: ‘This is my favourite news ever. Why isn’t this ON the news?’

Sometimes the stupid doesn’t just burn…it incinerates

Now, I’m not a financial expert, but I’d like to give you a little bit of financial advice. If you’re investing any money following the recommendations of Investor’s Business Daily, I’d strongly advise you to reassess those investments. Why? Because they’ve printed what…

Public appearance

I never win things – I’m one of the vast bulk of people who make up the non-winning section of the population, yet still enter prize draws and the like because of that perennial triumph of hope over expectation. So, I was rather…

And the moral is, work hard for the Great Leader, or you will be eaten

Via Jamie, a story for children from North Korea.

Another superb work of satire

I’m trying to work out who wrote this piece on Comment is Free, supposedly by Jack Straw. My initial suspicion is Armando Ianucci or Chris Morris, as it has that level of absurdity, that sense of turning the whole world inside out so…

1 part in a googolplex

Is there anyone surprised that while the rest of the media have stories like the BBC’s ‘No evidence’ of Diana pregnancy the Express (supposedly the World’s Greatest Newspaper) leads with Diana May Have Been Pregnant – in the same way, I assume, that…

Whyever would we think that, Tony?

Sometimes it’s just too easy: Tony Blair avoided talking about his religious views while in office for fear of being labelled “a nutter”, the former prime minister has revealed. Yes, because there’s absolutely nothing nutterish at all about this, is there?: Holidaying on…

Great achievements in spam, number 94

From a recent 419 email sent to me by Mrs Amina, a ‘citizen of the Nigel Republique’: I WAS BORN AN ORPHAN IN 1942 Which must have impressed the doctors, if no one else.

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