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Liberated localism

I can’t remember if I mentioned it at the time, but I’ve had my first article appear in Liberator magazine this year. It’s called ‘The Failure of Localism’ and you can read it – along with the rest of the issue it’s in – here. Related PostsYou are free to do as we tell you […]


As I’ve written enough about Eric Pickles here this week, I decided my next piece about him should go somewhere else, so you can find it on Liberal Democrat Voice. Related PostsThe comic genius of ‘Eric Pickles’ Another strange tale of Eric Pickles Eric Pickles’ bin fetish Eric Pickles wins quote of the day Worth […]

Nanowrimo 2012

November starts tomorrow, having settled into its new role as the month where you do something a bit different in order to give you something to talk about on the internet. As I already have facial hair, I can’t take part in Movember, so instead it’ll be another attempt at National Novel Writing Month. Amazingly, […]

On being Newsjacked

As you’ll have noticed from my twitter feed yesterday, I managed to get a joke I’d written featured on BBC Radio 4 Extra’s Newsjack last night. If you want to hear it, then it’s available on iPlayer for another week, which you can listen to by clicking here. You should listen to the whole thing […]

WriteNight and National Flash Fiction Day

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned before that I’m a member of the Colchester WriteNight group at 15 Queen Street. We’re a group of writers that gets together twice a month (on the 2nd and 4th Mondays) to write, talk and go to the pub afterwards – all the traditional things that writers do. As […]

Found poetry: Relaying their personal thoughts

I happened to be glancing through Adrian Mitchell’s Heart on the Left this morning (as you do) and rediscovered the poem ‘My Shy Di in Newspaperland’, in which he took lines and headlines from the press coverage of Charles and Diana’s engagement in 1980 and turned them into a poem. Having many better things to […]

On writing

Something I forgot to mention last year was that I did complete NaNoWriMo again, though it was probably the most difficult time I’ve had of it in my four successes. This time I was a rebel in that I produced my 50,000 words in unconnected short stories rather than as a single novel. This was […]


Yes, I’ve managed to finish National Novel Writing Month again, and have just passed 50,000 words. (Anticlimactically, the 50,000th word was a simple ‘a’) It was harder this year than the two previous times I’ve tried it (2006 and 2009) because it became clear to me after a few days that the idea I had […]

Peter Porter

The poet Peter Porter has died. He was one of the firs poets I can remember studying in any depth at school, especially Your Attention Please. Some of us may die. Remember, statistically It is not likely to be you. I can also recommend Mort Aux Chats, probably best read in a voice that sounds […]

Poem: In search of a gilded benefactor

I’ve been messing around with writing poetry recently, and my thoughts went back to those glorious days of yore when artists didn’t have to worry about pleasing the masses. All they sought to do was win the attention of a single wealthy patron, who would shower them with sufficient coin to ensure they could continue […]