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On being Newsjacked

As you’ll have noticed from my twitter feed yesterday, I managed to get a joke I’d written featured on BBC Radio 4 Extra’s Newsjack last night. If you want to hear it, then it’s available on iPlayer for another week, which you can…

I’m Proud Of The BBC

Because how many broadcasting companies attract this sort of love? I’m trying to decide what my favourite rhyme from it is – is it ‘Fireman Sam’ and ‘The Ascent Of Man’, or ‘John Peel’ and ‘Children In Need Appeal’?

This post will not incite a ‘moral panic’

I’m listening to Five Live, wanting to keep up with any news of Rasmussen’s withdrawal from the Tour de France, only to discover that one of the guests is Claire Fox from the Revolutionary Communist Party Living Marxism LM Institute of Saying Whatever…


While it’s good that the BBC are repeating On The Hour (Tuesdays at 10.30pm on BBC7) and are advertising it on other radio stations, I do have to wonder just how many people will notice it’s a trailer when it’s played in the…

We have dissolved the electorate and replaced it with a blander one

Further to my previous post, I’m now trying to work out whether it’s worthwhile trying to influence the Virgin Top 500 next year. I’ve just been listening to the Top 10, and inbetween my bursts of extreme doubt about whether some people should…

Ballot stuffing

I’m just listening to Virgin Radio’s all-time top 500 songs and it’s got me wondering whether anyone’s ever attempted to organise joke voting for one of these polls? OK, you could argue that some of the results could only be the result of…

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