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Space – What You Can Get Away With

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Yuri’s Night

Fifty years ago today, Yuri Gagarin became the first human being to travel in space. It seems remarkable to think that we’re now almost as far away in time from Gagarin’s flight as he was from the Wright Brothers making their first flight.…

Worth Reading 30: Into middle youth

There are now officially 150 things worth reading on the internet. The people disarmed – Chris Bertram’s take on the Libyan no fly zone. TPA – Sinclair the Shameless – An excellent post from Tim Fenton of Zelo Street on the many ways…

Worth Reading 11: Turns out it’s not Paterson Joseph

Link me till I… lart? Project Iceworm – There’s something about the phrase “nuclear-powered research center built by the Army Corps of Engineers under the icy surface of Greenland” that makes you realise that maybe we are living in the cool parallel universe…

Worth Reading 10: dency to deprave or corrupt

100% organic and cruelty free links, these: Campaign for the Abolition of Parliament – Richard Kemp questions just what the point of some of the activity within Parliament is Pish to Progressivism! – “Nowadays politicians are more keen to dub themselves “progressives” than…

Back to the Moon

Here’s a question that’s been dwelling on my mind for a while: if it was necessary for human beings to return to the Moon as soon as possible, how long would it take? We know that there are various promises from different national…

Above us only dust

OK, so it’s probably from having read The Sky Road far too many times, but the news that two satellites have collided in orbit creating hundreds of pieces of debris gets me somewhat worried. The idea of this event starting an ablation cascade…

All alone in the night

A very nice picture of the ISS in front of the Moon. (via Bad Astronomy)

Next stop, Alpha Centauri

I’ve been playing Civilization 4 a lot recently, so my first reaction on seeing this story was to worry that Tokugawa was going to build a Wonder before me… More seriously, it’s interesting that someone appears to be taking steps to make a…

Unlikely questions answered

“So,” you ask yourself one dull day, “What would be the effects of asteroids of various sizes landing on Wales?” (via Bad Astronomy)

Just another day at the office

Video of the inside of the cockpit of Space Shuttle Endeavour during takeoff. (via the great Bad Astronomy Blog)

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