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A hike in the borderlands

As I’m up to date with all my deliveries and we’re not doing canvassing during the holiday weekend, I decided to take advantage of the good weather and go for my first long walk of the year today. So, I got the train up to Sudbury and then followed St Edmund’s Way and the Stour […]

Christmas as a time for giving

Because of my usual state of disorganisation/strong moral principles (delete according to how well you know me) I haven’t sent out any Christmas cards this year, but I have made a donation to Shelter instead. And if you want to round off the year with a donation to charity, you can still make a very […]

Do it yourself

I keep meaning to plug this site and forget it – Mark Moxon’s Land’s End to John O’Groats walk site. I’ve had a few people asking me for information on how to do the walk themselves and this is probably the best resource on the net for it. Plus, his route inspired much of mine […]

More money raised

Just to thank everyone who came to the Woodland Cottage last night – in the end we raised over £500 for the BRT as well as having a good night out, so everyone did well out of it. For those of you who weren’t there, the one thing that didn’t meet its reserve at the […]

More lots

A couple more photos of things for the auction: The signed West Brom shirt The four signed Red Bull / Toro Rosso caps – signed by David Coulthard, Neel Jani, Scott Speed and Vitantonio Liuzzi. As before, email me if you want to bid on them and can’t make it to the Woodland Cottage tomorrow.

Get bidding!

As promised, details of some of the items we’ve got for the charity auction on Friday night, so you can take a look and decide if you’re interested. First, a t-shirt signed by the cast of Channel 4′s Shameless, including David Threlfall (Frank), Maxine Peake (Veronica) and Dean Lennox Kelly (Kev). Thanks to Marjorie Yates […]

It is done

After 74 days on the road, during which I covered 1050 miles, I finished the walk at just before 2pm yesterday afternoon when I strolled into Land’s End, after a short 11 mile trip from Penzance via St Buryan and Sennen Cove. Yes, it’s over – I’ve walked from John O’Groats to Land’s End, and […]

48 hours

Well, that’s roughly how long I’ve got to go, though I’m not going to sit in this internet cafe for another hour before posting just to make the title accurate. It’s perhaps a sign of being in a touristy area that you start to find internet access in the strangest places, and here I am […]

T minus 5 and counting

Yes, I am still alive, just haven’t been able to get any internet access since Bristol, mainly because I’ve been having some long days and not wanting to go and try and track any down inbetween walking and sleep. But, I’m now in Cornwall, and thanks to the generosity of their library service, I’m currently […]

Trying to forget the end is near

One of the problems of getting so close to the end – besides the question of how do I get back to normality when I don’t have to get up every morning and walk – is that it gets easy to concentrate on the end and not pay attention to the days between now and […]