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Latest Castle Ward planning applications

142469 & 142925: Variation of planning conditions, Greens Yard. 142583: Advertisement consent for new signage, Angel Court, High Street. 142868: Advertisement consent for rebranding, Crouch Street. 142890: Advertisement consent for new signs, High Street. 142913: Change of use to class A5 (hot food takeaway), High Street. 142923: Rear and front porch extensions, Kings Meadow Road. […]

Latest Castle Ward planning applications

142128 – New one bedroom dwelling, Walters Yard 140344 – Listed building consent for painting window frames, East Hill 142440 and 142441 – Single story extension and garage, Maidenburgh Street 142462 – First floor extension and garage reconstruction, Carlisle Close 140527 – Change of use to A5 (restaurant/cafe), St Botolph’s Street 142523 – Change of […]

Latest Castle Ward planning applications

140021: Listed building consent for replacement signage, Head Street and Culver Street. 140046: Listed Building consent for signage, Head Street. 140218: Two-storey front extension, Kings Meadow Road. 140226: Change of use from A1 (Retail) to B1 (offices) on upper floor, Osborne Street. 140332 and 140333: Change of use from A1 (retail) to A2 (Bureau de […]

Colchester Trees for Years 2014

Just to let you know that Colchester Council’s 2014 Trees For Years giveaway will be taking place on Saturday February 1st from 10am at Rowan House. Borough residents and community groups will be able to get free trees and shrubs from a variety of different species to help green the borough a little more. For […]

Latest Castle Ward planning applications

It’s a new year, and so we have the first applications with a 14 at the start. 131463: New foot/cycle bridge, Castle Park. 132074: Listed building application to repair windows. 132799: Ground floor front extension, Causton Road. 135833: Listed building application for new wheelchair access, Head Street. 136189: New fire door, Culver Square. 136196: Garage […]

Latest Castle Ward planning applications

Apologies for not updating these in far too long, but here are the latest applications for Castle Ward that are still open for public comments: 132174: Change of use from dental studio to flats, St Botolph’s Street. 132209 and 132210: Garden room at rear of property, East Street. 132236: Replacement windows, Castle Road. 132243: External […]

On Jumbo

As you may have heard by now, Colchester Borough Council’s Planning Committee voted last night to reject the latest proposal for Jumbo. I was at the meeting and spoke against the plans, so I’m glad the committee agreed with me, but I thought I would expand on my views here. Firstly, I would recommend reading […]

Castle Ward planning applications, up to 20th October

Apologies for falling way behind on these, but these are all the planning applications in Castle Ward that I’m aware of since the last update. 131739: Conversion of shop to residential flat, North Hill. 131855: Listed building consent to widen a fire door, High Street. 131868: Advertisement consent for new signage, Culver Street West. 131905: […]

Castle Ward planning applications, up to 20th September

I’ve fallen a bit behind on these, not helped by there being a big flurry of them in the past few days when I was away at party conference. But anyway, here are all the latest applications: 130472: Listed building consent for internal partition, Town Hall. 131580: Change of use from B1 offices to residential, […]

Castle Ward planning applications, up to 1st September

131619: New rear extension and other internal and external alterations, Head Street. 131620: Conservation area consent for 131619. 131646: Advertisment consent for new signage, Osborne Street. 131688: Advertisement consent for new signs, North Hill. 131717: Fitting of new canopy and chimney, North Hill. You can make a statement in favour or against any of these […]