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Poetry – What You Can Get Away With

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Found poetry: Relaying their personal thoughts

I happened to be glancing through Adrian Mitchell’s Heart on the Left this morning (as you do) and rediscovered the poem ‘My Shy Di in Newspaperland’, in which he took lines and headlines from the press coverage of Charles and Diana’s engagement in…

Peter Porter

The poet Peter Porter has died. He was one of the firs poets I can remember studying in any depth at school, especially Your Attention Please. Some of us may die. Remember, statistically It is not likely to be you. I can also…

Poem: In search of a gilded benefactor

I’ve been messing around with writing poetry recently, and my thoughts went back to those glorious days of yore when artists didn’t have to worry about pleasing the masses. All they sought to do was win the attention of a single wealthy patron,…

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