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Eric Pickles’ bin fetish

For what sins committed in a previous life have we found ourselves inflicted with Eric Pickles in this one? I’ve written many times about the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, each time sure that he’s reached a new nadir, that he can go no lower, and then every time he confounds expectations […]

Simple answers to Googled questions

Someone came here on a search for ‘when is rubbish collection day in Colchester when there is a bank holiday?’ and I can tell you that next week it’s one day later than your usual date. So if your waste is normally collected on a Monday, it’ll be collected on Tuesday, if you normally have […]

Waste collections over bank holidays

Just had this information from the Council’s waste and recycling team about how collections will be different during the weeks of the 18th April, 25th April and 2nd May because of the bank holidays. Recycling and rubbish collections over upcoming Bank Holidays period Recycling and rubbish collections will take place one day later than usual […]

Localism thrown into the bin

Remember localism? That grand idea that Government ought to stop interfering in the business of local councils and let them run services the way they thought would be best for their residents. If you don’t, don’t worry. Turns out the Government – or at least the DCLG – doesn’t either. Chris White did a good […]

Waste and Recycling collections in Colchester

From the Council’s Street Services team: Refuse and Recycling Collections We are carrying out refuse and recycling collections today and Paul English, the Street Care and Recycling Operations Manager, will inform you of our success rate at the end of the working day and we will ensure that the website and media are updated. Staff […]

Waste and recycling collections

I’ve had news from Street Services about what will be collected in the next week. Collections on Friday were cancelled because of the poor weather, but services will operate next week. However, no green waste will be collected, so the next green waste collection will be after Christmas, when natural trees will also be collected. […]

A quick waste reminder

Just a quick reminder for those of you in Colchester that tomorrow we have our first public meetings as part of the waste consultation – 12-2pm and 5-7pm in the Moot Hall. We are planning to video some of it and make it available on the web for people who can’t there to see. And […]

Colchester’s waste and recycling consultation

After quite a few months of work through the Task and Finish Group that I chair, I’m pleased to say that our waste and recyling consultation is now live on Colchester Council’s website. It will also be in the next edition of the Courier, which should be landing on doorsteps throughout the Borough in the […]

Waste and recycling consultation

Those of you reading this in Colchester may be interested to know that the first part of our consultation on our waste and recycling processes is set to start next month – full details and a survey will be in the next edition of the Courier, which you should receive around the beginning of November. […]

November is the busiest month

Had a Policy Review and Development Panel meeting tonight, which is a Council committee I quite like being on as it tends to achieve things – even if they are small – and the meetings don’t drag on for hours. More information on everything we discussed here, if you’re interested, including our rather lengthy Tree […]