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But who shall tend the Manor of Northstead?

I’m sure when Sinn Fein set out to reshape the way the UK was governed, this wasn’t what they had in mind: A Sinn Fein spokesman told Newsnight that Adams “wrote to the Speaker’s office on Friday and informed him of his resignation. It’s a non-issue from our perspective. He submitted his resignation and that’s […]

Worth Reading 10: dency to deprave or corrupt

100% organic and cruelty free links, these: Campaign for the Abolition of Parliament – Richard Kemp questions just what the point of some of the activity within Parliament is Pish to Progressivism! – “Nowadays politicians are more keen to dub themselves “progressives” than they’d be to assure the world they’re not murderers.” What I learned […]

Job security

From Nick Robinson’s blog on Eric Illsley: If he is imprisoned for more than a year he will be automatically expelled from Parliament. If he is not, MPs can – and look certain to – move to have him thrown out anyway. The big question here, of course, is whether there’s any other job that […]

Before I turn into Zhou Enlai, the Coalition

First thought: it’s interesting that most usage of ‘the Coalition’ are now using the capital C of the proper noun for it, which implies some sort of permanence to it, perhaps. This is helped by official Government documents using the same convention, of course. The implication, though, is that Britain is being run not by […]

Majoritarianism worked so well before

Via the Lib Dem Press Office and James Graham on Twitter comes news of an interesting amendment in the House of Commons. And at the use of the phrase ‘interesting amendment in the House of Commons’, half of you have fallen asleep. The other half are barely keeping awake…and will now slumber too when I […]

Parliamentary trivia question

Something I discovered while browsing through They Work For You – which current MP’s first recorded speech in Parliament consisted solely of the words ‘the Liberal Democrats’? You can guess below, and for the answer click here. Should you wish to see the said MP’s actual maiden speech, you can click here. Related PostsWhy Jeb […]

It must be opposite day

It’s not hard to find the Taxpayers Alliance denouncing governmental waste and criticising elected officials who have wasted public money. So, it’s quite easy to guess what they’re going to say when an MP is ordered to repay £60,000 of his expenses, isn’t it? Come on, have a guess – will it be to demand […]

There are now many things to say about Trafigura

Many of which may centre around whether they should get a version of the Streisand Effect named after them (the Trafigura Tactic, perhaps, or maybe the internet has a Trafigura Twitter Tendency?) In short, though, to follow up on last night’s post, Carter-Ruck have now withdrawn their legal proceedings against the Guardian, which now allows […]

I have nothing to say about Trafigura

If you haven’t read this or seen this, you might never have heard of the oil company Trafigura before. Indeed, they could have stayed nicely below many people’s radars, just they way they like to be, except for the fact they took their desire for secrecy a bit too far. Apparently, it’s possible to use […]

The party left him

I was reading some of the comments on Conservative Home (it was quiet night) about Edward McMillan-Scott being expelled from the Conservative Party and noticed that many were demanding that he should resign as an MEP. The reasoning behind this is that he was elected as a Conservative MEP from the party list, and as […]