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Five-Dimensional Vistas, or an attempt to explain the Time War

Time for a break from writing about politics today as reading Andrew Hickey’s series of posts on hypertime, canon and all other sorts of marvels reminded me of a long post I’d written on a Doctor Who forum a few months ago. So, if you’re not interested in some extremely fanwanky thoughts about the deeper […]

You’re entitled to your opinion, but I’m entitled to mine

Last night I was going to write about my two cents in the latest spat between Charlotte Gore and James Graham but managed to get distracted from doing that when I noticed a rather inflammatory-titled post on Liberal Vision. Of course, what you see there now isn’t quite the same – or quite as inflammatory […]

Internet meltdown scheduled for 1735 GMT tomorrow…

…as the new Doctor is announced on a special Doctor Who Confidential.

And lo, the internet melted down…

…as weeping fangirls and fanboys mourn the departure of David Tennant from Doctor Who. Meanwhile, tabloid journalists rejoice as they can fill pages with speculation over who’ll replace him, having been denied that opportunity when Eccleston left because the BBC announced Tennant was getting the job almost immediately. James is quick off the mark to […]

Vote Saxon!

Someone at the Herts and Essex Observer appears to have a sense of humour. (This may or may not be obvious after Saturday, should you be reading this then) (And yes, I appear to have been memed by Mr Graham – answers soonish, hopefully)

And through social networking I shall have that power!

Seems like everyone’s got a Facebook profile these days… (via Mat B)

Who is the true son of the manse?

‘Son of the manse’ is one of those stock phrases that crops up in profiles of Gordon Brown, the assumption being that his ‘dour nature’ (another profile-writers cliche) and all sorts of things about him can be explained by the fact that his father was a minister in the Church of Scotland. While that description […]

Tales for Christmas

It seems the good Doctor can triumph over even the hardest Murdochian hearts, as the Sunday Times give us Paul Cornell’s ‘Deep and Dreamless Sleep’. And if that’s far too uncynical for your tastes, try HL Mencken’s ‘A Bum’s Christmas’ (via Jamie).

See how comfortable I am with this cyberspeak now!

And though it’s true, like all the other guests at the convention, I’ll be selling the pictures I’m signing, I liken fans to pilgrims, and pilgrims have a tradition of being ripped off. Getting robbed on the way to Mecca or Canterbury, then sold terrible statues and other religious souvenirs when they get there, is […]

For fanboys with money

For those of you interested in a night out with Doctor Who writers Paul Cornell (Father’s Day and far too many novels to list here),  Steven Moffat (The Curse Of Fatal Death, The Empty Child, The Girl In The Fireplace and also Coupling and Press Gang) and ‘whoever else they can drag along’ see here […]