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See how comfortable I am with this cyberspeak now!

And though it’s true, like all the other guests at the convention, I’ll be selling the pictures I’m signing, I liken fans to pilgrims, and pilgrims have a tradition of being ripped off. Getting robbed on the way to Mecca or Canterbury, then…

No, I don’t know what the hourly rate is

A few months after Matt managed it, I’ve now managed to get my YouGov account over £50, which means I should be getting my first cheque from them soon. If I rememer when I started doing surveys there correctly, expect the next post…

Political trivia

So, today’s question is: which US Senator has a brother who is a County Councillor in the UK?

Are you going to eat that, or have you?

The most disgusting tinned food ever?

No boom today. Boom tomorrow, there’s always a boom tomorrow.

Via Daily Kos, it seems that the US Government may have published instructions on how to build a nuclear weapon on the Internets (whether you can find it with The Google isn’t yet known). The documents, roughly a dozen in number, contain charts,…

Do it yourself

I keep meaning to plug this site and forget it – Mark Moxon’s Land’s End to John O’Groats walk site. I’ve had a few people asking me for information on how to do the walk themselves and this is probably the best resource…