Monthly Archives: November, 2006

See how comfortable I am with this cyberspeak now!

And though it’s true, like all the other guests at the convention, I’ll be selling the pictures I’m signing, I liken fans to pilgrims, and pilgrims have a tradition of being ripped off. Getting robbed on the way to Mecca or Canterbury, then sold terrible statues and other religious souvenirs when they get there, is […]

No, I don’t know what the hourly rate is

A few months after Matt managed it, I’ve now managed to get my YouGov account over £50, which means I should be getting my first cheque from them soon. If I rememer when I started doing surveys there correctly, expect the next post of this sort smetime around 2010. You too can share in this […]

Political trivia

So, today’s question is: which US Senator has a brother who is a County Councillor in the UK?

Are you going to eat that, or have you?

The most disgusting tinned food ever?

No boom today. Boom tomorrow, there’s always a boom tomorrow.

Via Daily Kos, it seems that the US Government may have published instructions on how to build a nuclear weapon on the Internets (whether you can find it with The Google isn’t yet known). The documents, roughly a dozen in number, contain charts, diagrams, equations and lengthy narratives about bomb building that nuclear experts who […]

Do it yourself

I keep meaning to plug this site and forget it – Mark Moxon’s Land’s End to John O’Groats walk site. I’ve had a few people asking me for information on how to do the walk themselves and this is probably the best resource on the net for it. Plus, his route inspired much of mine […]