Daily Archives: October 15th, 2012

Rights for shares: raise the white flag

Only a week after George Osborne announced it at the Tory Conference, and we finally have a public comment from a senior Liberal Democrat on it. It’s Vince Cable who rides out with an article for Liberal Democrat Voice and as you’d expect from the renowned champion of the left of the party and former […]

Liberal Democrats against secret courts

Time was when you knew exactly what the parties’ positions on secret courts would be – Labour would look to expand it as far as possible while rebranding them as ‘community courts’, the Tories would insist that private companies could manage secrecy better than the Government ever could and Liberal Democrats would be against it. […]

Castle Ward planning applications, up to October 14th

Haven’t done one of these for a few weeks, because I’ve not been notified of any new applications over the last couple of weeks, which means we have just one: 121499: Advertisment consent for fascia sign and advertising, Queen Street. Please note that I am a member of the Council’s Planning Committee for the next […]

Shares for rights, cash for seats…what’s next?

You can tell that Tories are in Government – suddenly, everything has a price and nothing has a value. After last week’s discussions over the ‘trade your employment rights away for a handful of magic beans shares’ proposal, we now have reports that Nick Clegg has been offered a deal over state funding of political […]