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October 24, 2012 – What You Can Get Away With

Daily Archives: October 24, 2012

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Rights for shares: Have your say

As the party leadership seems to have decided to acquiesce on the proposed new rules allowing employers to make employees give up employment rights in exchange for shares, it’s time to take some action. The Government has started a consultation on the proposal,…

2013 Tour de France route

Eight months before Le Grand Depart in Corsica, we now know the full route for the 2013 Tour de France. It’s the 100th Tour, and the organisers have clearly set out to make it a memorable one. It follows the approach the Tour…

October Castle Neighbourhood Action Panel meeting

I realised that I used to notify people of upcoming Neighbourhood Action Panel (NAP) meetings on the blog, but as I did it through a lot of posts I’d scheduled a long time in advance, I didn’t notice when the pre-arranged posts ran…

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