Worth Reading 83: Able Archer

North Korea, Ireland, UKIP, revolutions and the end of the world. Enjoy.

Don’t be fooled: UKIP is not a libertarian party – Alex Massie in the Spectator points out what should be obvious, but ‘libertarian’ has been so abused, people sadly think they are.
Stand Still for the Apocalypse – Chris Hedges on the latest World Bank report on global warming, which is predicting all sorts of nightmares for the rest of the century.
It really is that bad: A powerful speech on North Korea – “One challenge I always have when I speak about North Korea is I run out of adjectives for how bad things are.” What’s happening in North Korea, and how we’re letting it go on. (Watch the video too)
On social change – Chris Dillow asks if we’re going through a revolution right now
10 things that are different about British and Irish politics – An interesting illumination by Jason O’Mahony. “Whereas hardly any Irish TDs rebelled over paying billions to bank bond holders, they did break ranks over dog breeding and the inspection of septic tanks.”

Castle Ward Day of Action

Today’s the Castle Ward Day of Action, with people from lots of difference agencies (including Essex Police and the Council) carrying out a variety of different tasks around the ward. There’s a lot more information about it here, and if you’re in town there’s an information booth in Culver Street West (outside Halifax) with representatives from lots of different agencies and organisations giving out advice and information.

Along with my colleague Cllr Bill Frame, I’ve just been watching Junior Speedwatch in action, which was interesting. It’s an action to tackle speeding in one of the areas it’s been reported and is a partnership of the police and one of the local schools (I’m being a bit vague on the location details as it’s still ongoing!).

There’s a PC and PCSO out with speed sensor, identifying cars that are breaking the speed limit. When they find one, the car gets pulled over, informed they’re breaking the speed limit and then asked to get out of the car to meet some children from the local school. The children then get to ask the driver questions about why they were speeding and related issues, which can be more effective in getting the driver to think about what they’ve been doing than just a talking-to from a police officer.

There’s lots of things like this going on today, and there will be for the next three months after while the Safer Colchester Partnership works heavily in this area as a follow-up. Hopefully, it will help make Castle Ward better for everyone, and I’ll report back some more information from the day when it’s been collated.