Monthly Archives: February, 2013

Why do we demand that politics has to be tough?

I’ve tried not to comment much on the whole Rennard business because I’m pretty sure I don’t really have anything to add to the reams of online commentary on it. I’m very aware that my position as a white, straight, cis, male, middle class British person in a position of minor authority makes me extraordinarily […]

Worth Reading 98: Trajan writes his first column

Gove’s proposed history curriculum forgets that we live in 2013, not the 1950s – Anna Claeys explains how the proposed new history syllabus is missing a huge amount of context in the rush to celebrate ‘Britishness’. The Man Behind The Brilliant Media Hoax Of “I, Libertine” – How a night-time DJ created a non-existent literary […]

Castle Ward planning applications, up to 22nd February

130260: Construction of temporary retail unit during redevelopment work, St Runwald Street. 130350: Erection of interpretation boards, Balkerne Gate, Duncan’s Gate, East Gate. Please note that I am a member of the Council’s Planning Committee for this municipal year. This means that I’m required to act in a ‘quasi-judicial’ manner with regard to applications before […]

Worth Reading 97: Things can hardly get worse

Cycle Helmets: The impacts of compulsory cycle helmet legislation on cyclist fatalities and premature deaths in the UK (pdf) – A long piece of research but an interesting one, coming to the conclusion that the reduction in cycling caused by a compulsory helmet law for cyclists would cause more deaths than the helmets would save. […]

Video: Colchester Comedy Festival launch

You can tell I’ve got a new toy to play with – here’s a couple of videos I shot yesterday from the launch of Colchester Comedy Festival, featuring Anthony Roberts of Colchester Arts Centre and Miss High Leg Kick abseiling off the side of the Town Hall. For more on the festival, see their website, […]

Video: Nick Clegg and Mike Thornton in Eastleigh

I went to help out in the Eastleigh by-election yesterday, and it turned out to be a day when Nick Clegg came down to campaign as well. At the end of the day, with a lot of volunteers gathered back at Lib Dem campaign HQ, Nick and our candidate, Mike Thornton, spoke to those who’d […]

Castle Ward planning applications, up to 15th February

130220: Extension on first and ground floor, Ipswich Road. 130272: Retrospective application for flags and signage, Queen Street. 130303: Residential access including permeable surfacing to front of property to enable parking for two cars, Cowdray Avenue. 130314: Single story kitchen extension, St Paul’s Road. Please note that I am a member of the Council’s Planning […]

Worth Reading 96: The Five Good Links

Common decency fail at the Huff Post – Jim Jepps on why posting pictures of David Miliband with his flies undone helps to drive politicians further away from the public. Eastleigh – Why There’s No Farage – Because, explains Tim Fenton, despite his talk of the importance of Westminster, he’s no desire to actually be […]

Resignations and abdications

In what is almost definitely an historical first, the Pope has taken an idea from a monarch of the Netherlands and announced that he’ll be resigning. Not because of any scandals, but because he believes that his age and health “are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry.” A thought that […]

Castle Ward planning applications, up to 8th February

Just a couple this week. 130189: Change of use from A1 (office) to D2 (education and training facility), Manor Road. 130199: Extension to existing building, Topfield, Popes Lane. Please note that I am a member of the Council’s Planning Committee for this municipal year. This means that I’m required to act in a ‘quasi-judicial’ manner […]