Yes, I’ve managed to finish National Novel Writing Month again, and have just passed 50,000 words. (Anticlimactically, the 50,000th word was a simple ‘a’)

It was harder this year than the two previous times I’ve tried it (2006 and 2009) because it became clear to me after a few days that the idea I had wasn’t really working. There’s the core of something interesting in there, but the way I’d chosen to tell it didn’t really fit with it and the characters weren’t really sparking into life and jumping off the page for me. Still, I carried on and just let the story wander where it wanted to, dropped in some lengthy digressions and diversions and just kept buggering on until I finally staggered across the finish line. In the end, it’s all good practice at finding ways to keep motivated, and that’s something I need to remember when I switch to working on a new project after a suitable break.