And though it’s true, like all the other guests at the convention, I’ll be selling the pictures I’m signing, I liken fans to pilgrims, and pilgrims have a tradition of being ripped off. Getting robbed on the way to Mecca or Canterbury, then sold terrible statues and other religious souvenirs when they get there, is an integral part of the pilgrim experience. And when I meet people who are nearly fainting because they’ve walked from Birmingham to meet me and pay tribute, I realise that for some of them, that experience borders on the religious.

Tom Baker blogs for Blockbuster.


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  1. Why is The Baker wearing his PJs on the cover of that Sci Fi Quiz DVD thing? You would have thought they’d at least have given him a shirt to wear before wheeling him back to his room.

  2. Oh my, TB really does blog for blockbuster. How funny.

    There’s one of those ‘reader of the week’ type spots in Q magazine this month where the guy they’ve picked talks about a novel he’s reading by Tom Baker who he describes, with no obvious sense of irony, as ‘the bloke who does the voiceovers on Little Britain.