Interesting tweet from the Guardian’s Julian Glover during the night:

Nukes for Norfolk anyone? Apparently DCLG officials were told to check new localism bill wouldn’t give councils power to buy atomic weapons

Of course, I’m tempted to regard this as a ridiculous claim, possibly created by someone in DCLG as proof of just how much power they’re giving to local councils – though one would expect that in a department run by Eric Pickles that ‘buy atomic weapons’ would be replaced by ‘collect domestic waste and recycling however they feel appropriate‘.

However, it may just suggest that someone within DCLG is a fan of Ken MacLeod‘s novels, particularly The Stone Canal which features a radically balkanized future Britain where most power resides within some rather hyper-local governments. Thanks to a former Soviet republic’s decision to offer what’s effectively fractional reserve deterrence, it’s remarkably easy for North London to become a nuclear power. I suspect this wasn’t on Eric Pickles’ reading list at any point but who knows? Maybe he is a part of the Star Fraction and Government data systems have been corrupted by the Black Plan.