Let’s get expansionist

Noticed this the other day on the Voidstar politics blogs aggregator – the English Democrats (who boast that they’re ‘putting England first’) have announced the location of their conference next year:

It is planned to hold the Spring 2007 AGM in Monmouthshire.

This would be the Monmouthshire that’s in Wales, right?

4 thoughts on “Let’s get expansionist”

  1. This would be because they argue that Monmouthshire used to be in England and should be returned forthwith. They are even proposing to field a candidate in the Welsh Assembly elections in Monmouthshire calling for its repatriation to England. What they have overlooked is that the Monmouthshire that was incorporated into Wales is a greater area than that covered by the constituency or the existing County. It was in fact equivalent to Gwent. So the question is will the English Democrats also be fielding candidates in Torfaen, Blaenau Gwent, and Newport? Er…No!

  2. Slightly controversial that one actually – Mummershire is one of the Marches that is currently Wales (Gwent for the enthusiasts of past tense local authorities) but has been both sides of the border historically. A lot of the older generation there consider themselves English. It is at least in principle possible that the EDs have a plank of their platform to reclaim it; maybe they also want to defend Berwick from the Scots.

  3. I just had a look through their manifesto (pdf file) and didn’t find any reference to it. The only geographical bits I could see were that they want ‘traditional counties’ (including the reunification of Yorkshire) restored and favour greater autonomy for Cornwall.

    And why stop at Berwick when the French still hold Calais?

  4. “The English Democrats Party consider that the position of Monmouthshire in Wales is anomalous, as historically it had mostly been part of England until recent boundary re-organisation. Accordingly, we would wish to see a county referendum in Monmouthshire as to whether the people of Monmouthshire would wish to be treated as being part of Wales or part of England.”

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