Ballot stuffing

I’m just listening to Virgin Radio’s all-time top 500 songs and it’s got me wondering whether anyone’s ever attempted to organise joke voting for one of these polls? OK, you could argue that some of the results could only be the result of a sick joke on the behalf of the music industry, but has there ever been a poll of this sort where, say, ‘The Chicken Song’ has ended up in the top 10?

4 thoughts on “Ballot stuffing”

  1. How about something really good but totally obscure, something that gets overlooked by these sort of things.
    Be Bop Deluxe, Deaf School etc etc.

  2. Don’t you remember Robbie Williams being voted Most Influential Musician of the (last) Millennium? Or Man of the Year 2000 being William Hague, just after Steve Redgrave had won his fifth gold medal.

  3. When Bowie did his Glass Spider tour years ago, he had a phone poll for the public to nominate the songs he should play each night, so one of the music inkies organised a campaign to get The Laughing Gnome to #1.

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