Further to my previous post, I’m now trying to work out whether it’s worthwhile trying to influence the Virgin Top 500 next year. I’ve just been listening to the Top 10, and inbetween my bursts of extreme doubt about whether some people should be allowed to listen to music, I’m wavering between the opinion that a poll that can be topped by Snow Patrol needs to be subverted and the belief that even if we were successful, would anyone notice.

Indeed, has it been done already? I find myself gravitating towards that opinion, just because otherwise one has to believe that there are a substantial number of people in this country who believe that Snow Patrol, Razorlight and The Killers have produced some of the best songs of all time.


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  1. I can’t agree more. I can only hope that the DJ’s at Virgin look at this chart and realise what drivel they have been playing. Fortunately, through the art of downloading my music, I will never again have to listen to THE GREATEST SONG EVER that is Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. I mean even The Sidewinder Sleeps tonight by REM is better, and that came last. Utter tosh.

  2. My Japanese car’s radio only gets Virgin, by and large, and thus I have to say I am surprised at them having 500 songs to play. We sometimes play Virgin Bingo – name some songs and the first to get three that they play wins. It’s not hard – their playlist is so limited that you will here the same song within an hour of it first being played. I don’t mind the obsession with playing The Stones, The Kinks, The Chillis, The Beatles, David Gray, Oasis, but what really gets me is that they always plan the same songs from them. If one of their blithering idiots says ‘and now some Kinks’ it will be Sunny Afternoon or Waterlook Sunset, if it’s the Stones, it will be Sympathy for the Devil, etc. Once, at about 3am, I was driving and they played ‘She’s a Rainbow’ – I almost drove off the road.