Like a true alarm clock, this one won’t be silenced easily. Yes, last week’s relentless pounding by just about everyone on the nonsense of ‘Alarm Clock Britain’ only seems to have engaged the snooze button, as the irritating beep of nonsense is back to disturb us from our happy places again.

I don’t have high expectations of posts on Lib Dem Voice, but when an article there starts by praising last week’s content-free marketing-speak brown-nosing nonsense as ‘excellent’ and ‘really interesting’, it’s a good indication that my low expectations are probably not going to be met.

And indeed, it’s more twaddle about ‘a capabilities approach to public policy’ and seeing the Government as a ‘capabilities guardian’, but beneath all the ‘Look at me! I’m embodying the zeitgeist and defining a new paradigm!’ there’s the usual cynicism about politics. Yes, it’s yet another round of only the middle class the squeezed middle hard-working families Mrs Mondeo from Worcester Alarm Clock Britain matters, so let’s spend all our time pandering to them and ‘raising their capabilities’ while ignoring everyone else. After all, a politics that saw everyone as worthy of consideration and pressing to improve the capabilities of all – you could call it, I don’t know, how about ‘liberalism’? – is obviously far too unwieldy in these days of new progressivism, when we must all be sliced, diced and labelled into our specially prepared and demographically accurate cluster, ready to join in with tonight’s round of capability building. But make sure you get to bed early, so you’re bright and alert in time for the first humiliation of the day!