The return of Tricky Al?

Amidst the talk of a possible return to Presidential politics by Al Gore, it’s interesting to note that there’s something of a parallel between him and Richard Nixon forty years ago. Both were sitting Vice-Presidents who lost a close – or stolen, depending on your point of view – Presidential election then left frontline politics only to return eight years later in the midst of a troublesome war to run for President. There’s even a Texan President to add to the comparisons, though John Kerry and Dick Cheney don’t really fit into the Barry Goldwater and Hubert Humphrey roles too well.

One thought on “The return of Tricky Al?”

  1. Al Gore is rather like William Hague in that once they are out of the political limelight, you begin to like them. Have said that both have now returned. Neither President/Prime Minister material.

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