As you may have heard, the question of whether Colchester should apply for status has come up again. The Department for Culture has announced that there’ll be another competition for city status in 2012 to coincide with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Colchester applied for city status in the 2000 and 2002 competitions, but was unsuccessful on both occasions.

(For those of you abroad, yes, this is one of those strange British quirks whereby a place can only become a city if it’s designated as such by the monarch – but it’s also quite confusing for us to go the US, for instance, and find places scarcely bigger than a hamlet calling themselves cities)

Supporters and opponents of city status have put forward various arguments as to why we should or shouldn’t apply for it. Some say that we shouldn’t give up our status as Britain’s oldest recorded town to be the newest city, whereas others point out that we were more than just the oldest town, we were Britain’s first city, and we’re claiming back an old title. Some say it would help us promote Colchester and give us a wider profile, while others say we don’t need to do more than we already do and should stay as a regular town.

I’m not revealing which way I lean here just yet as I’d like to hear other people’s views on whether you support it or not and whether you think it’s a good idea.