» Worth Reading 16: Four square ¦ What You Can Get Away With

Or number 10000, if you’re using binary. I for one salute our new machine overlords.

To: Steve Hilton (an open letter) – Tim Ireland’s finally had enough (and with the pressures he’s been under, most people would have cracked long before) and is taking the fight back to his tormentors
Coalition FAQ – Joe Otten gathers a few points together in an easy-to-digest form
The Failure of Realism: Diagnosis Without Any Prescription – I don’t normally look at the Spectator that much, but is a very good deconstruction of Melanie Phillips pushing the ‘dictators or Islamists’ line
Fukuyama, f*** yeah – Crooked Timber’s John Quiggin wonders if the End of History theory is being vindicated now
How left wing are you? – Liberal Conspiracy take a look at some data on how the population of Britain perceives itself politically

And a special bonus Worth Watching link for Al Jazeera English, for its coverage of the events in Egypt.

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