70% of the way there

Interesting headline for a post on Political Betting:

Is now the moment to replace Dimbleby

Even though –like many others – I rarely watch Question Time now, because it’s become so pointless and merely a reflection of a Westminster political culture that regards shouting at people and never backing down as the most important skill to possess, I think I can answer that with a ‘probably’. The show needs a complete rethink, and a new host would be part of that.

But wait, there’s more to the headline…

with Andrew Neil?

And suddenly you realise that there are so many ways in which it could be made worse. A prime example of how just three words can dramatically change the response to a question.

(The comments on Political Betting are fascinating, by the way. Apparently, there are people out there – who don’t appear to be members of the production team – who think This Week in some way resembles quality television.)

One thought on “70% of the way there”

  1. For all Dimbleby’s faults, putting Brillo in charge of QT would kill it stone-dead. That said, euthanasia’s probably not a bad thing for QT given its recent tendency to feature footballers, pop stars, demagogues, and self-styled bloggers who write “70% fiction”.

    I could do with finding samples of the early editions with Sir Robin Day by way of a “compare and contrast” exercise; as you may know I’m rather a keen broadcasting historian in my spare time.

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