Anyone being really observant about this website might have spotted a certain change over the weekend, when a ‘printed and published by’ imprint appeared in the footer. Seasoned political observers will know exactly what that means – I’m a candidate in this year’s Colchester Borough Council elections, specifically the Liberal Democrat candidate in Castle Ward. You can see just where that is through the OS’s Election Maps site – it’s the ward that includes the centre of Colchester – and find last year’s results for Colchester, including Castle Ward here (pdf file).

I’m not really planning on using this site for electioneering, but the imprint’s there just in case someone finds it, reads it and is inspired to vote for me because of it. Of course, anyone reading this who wants to come and help out with my campaign will be more than welcome to join us on the streets of Colchester – after all, you don’t have any elections to occupy you in London this year, do you?