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Here’s some movie news:

Atlanta Nights, by Travis Tea, has been optioned for a film. The book was created in 2004 as part of a sting operation by members of SFWA against the publisher PublishAmerica. After the book was accepted the the hoax revealed, PublishAmerica canceled the contract.

Well, you think, maybe they just got a good book and used it as part of the sting. Nothing wrong with that getting optioned. But there’s more…

Each chapter of the work was written by a different author with no regard for plot, continuity, spelling, or grammar.

I’m hearing that Michael Bay is going to direct it.

(OK, the option is actually for a documentary about what happened, but when do I resist the obvious joke?)

(via Paul McAuley on Twitter)

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2 comments untill now

  1. Hi! I’m actually the crazy director that’s optioned the film rights – great to meet you. Alas, we have no Michael Bay budget (or there would be random exploding sheep). Think more in line of a combo of documentary interviews and Zucker Brothers (Kentucky Fried Movie) style silliness.

    You can read more about what I’m trying to do, and see a sample of my work on the Kickstarter page for the project:


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