No 2 asking your opinion

This is one of those moments you couldn’t make up. The No2AV campaign have put a video up on YouTube that highlights their extremely dubious claim that changing voting systems would cost £250m. After all, the most important factor about democracy is how much it costs.

Of course, as YouTube is an open medium where people can rate and comment on videos, these points have all been… oh, wait, no they haven’t. Turns out our fearless campaigners for traditional British democracy have decided they don’t want anyone pointing out their errors:
Screenshot of No2AV YouTube video with rating and comments disabled
The irony of the people who think our current electoral system is just fine and dandy actively blocking people from engaging with them is just far too delicious, isn’t it? Don’t question the system, just sit back and take it.

Meanwhile, here’s a Yes To Fairer votes video you can rate and comment on: