Just got back from a day’s delivering and envelope-stuffing to discover that I missed a Green canvasser calling on us while I was out. Given that our candidate in a neighbouring ward, who also happens to be the sitting councillor and a former Mayor of Colchester, got a visit from a Conservative canvasser not long ago, I find myself wondering if we’re the only party who actually bother looking at the electoral register before knocking on the door.


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  1. I suppose if there’s more than one person in the house it might make some sense.

  2. You mean you don’t want to talk to the Green Party?! Anyway, it’s not as if you didn’t already know the Greens are canvassing in your ward.

  3. I didn’t say that, I just find that knocking on the door of an opposing candidate while canvassing is not much more than a way of wasting everyone’s time. :)

  4. So, are you still bothering to canvas then?… It looks like you’re going to be thrashed by what i’ve seen.

  5. (Posted by David – “It looks like you’re going to be thrashed by what i’ve seen”)

    It certainly seems that way in my ward (Castleward). On every street Lib Dem posters are greatly outnumbered by “Vote Green” ones.

  6. … and as you said “us” I assume there are other people living in your house that could be persuaded to vote green.

  7. The wife was in on Wednesday and saw two of the Labour candidates go sneaking past Chez Wells without knocking. I was coming down the road at the same time, the two of them gave me a look like naughty schoolchildren being caught red handed by a teacher. Bless.

    Then their top canvass sheet blew off the clipboard and they had to go scampering down the street after it. I was not, shall we say, overly intimidated by the forces arrayed against me :)

  8. I guess we’ll see in two weeks time…

  9. Well I must admit that Lib Dem posters have been VERY thin on the ground round here. Most odd.