Worth reading 26: Doubly unlucky

That’s 26 out of the way, and so the next post will come from America in seven years time, and all links will be hammed up by Eric Roberts first.

How We Train Our Cops To Fear Islam – From the US, but a frightening article about how freelance ‘anti-terrorism’ consultants are training cops with some disturbing messages (via)
A Wikipedia Editor Looks at the Bible – Can the contradictions in the Bible be explained as the result of an edit war? (via)
If you want to speak at a council meeting, get elected – I’m not linking to this because I agree with it, but because it’s Peter Cuthbertson in full-on pompousness like the clone of Simon Heffer, and it reminds me of how blogging used to be in 2003.
Richard Peppiatt’s letter to Daily Star proprietor Richard Desmond – A Daily Star journalist explains just why he can’t work at the paper anymore.
Revolutionary roads – “Without true institutional change, kings and dictators can change their minds”

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  1. Heh! I actually started my blog back in 2002. And isn’t it kind of the opposite of pompous to support privileges for (elected) others that one wants to deny oneself?

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