Obviously I’m not pleased to meet you, then

In amongst all the ‘man splits up from girlfriend’ coverage that’s dominated the news this weekend, there’s been one little snippet that’s utterly confused me. Via Matt:

Then a few weeks ago I spoke to a close relative of HM who had spent the day with Kate. She said that although Kate was “a delight” there was great uncertainty about the mother. I was told: “The Queen couldn’t believe it when, on introduction, Carole actually said ‘Pleased to meet you’.”

Can anyone out there explain just why ‘pleased to meet you’ might be so offensive to the Queen? Not that I’m ever likely to meet her, but it just seems a particularly bizarre thing to feel slighted by.

4 thoughts on “Obviously I’m not pleased to meet you, then”

  1. I, too, find this very strange, but I do see the reply to your comment over on Matt’s site that says basically “It’s just not what one says to the Queen.”

    It’s strange to me that there is one possible greeting for Her Majesty, and that is “Hello, ma’am” or similar. How would you even know that, unless someone told you? And, so, why did nobody tell her? And why would you be expected to stand on that sort of ceremony upoin meeting someone you’re potentially going to be joined with as family? Well. Because It’s The Queen, I guess.

    I hope this gets filtered down to all the girls in America who think one day they could ever have a chance with lovely William, if only he ever got to meet them. Not only are they worlds apart in themselves, just imagine what would happen when their obese mothers in sweatpants shouted “Howdy, y’all, we brought the cheese dip!”

    I blame Hollywood.

  2. How would you even know that, unless someone told you?
    And I thought you’d be the sort of person that would know that, or is that not one of the things they expect you to know before giving you a British passport?

  3. Also she says ‘Pardon’ rather than the more socially acceptable ‘what’. I used to say ‘what’ but a host of Primary School teachers told me it was rude and made me say ‘Pardon’. Suburban petite bourgeoisie. Pah. Oh, and it’s lavatory, not toilet.

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