Worth Reading 32: Power of five

From the sublime to the ridiculous, here we go again:

“When It’s Not Your Turn”: The Quintessentially Victorian Vision of Ogden’s “The Wire” – The Wire is often compared to Dickens, but what might it have been like if it actually had been a 19th century serial novel? (via)
Poll: Nearly 4 in 10 Americans Say Natural Disasters Sign from God – (warning: link takes you to Fox News) “The perceived increase in the number and severity of natural disasters is evidence to 44 percent of Americans of what the Bible calls The End Times”
The threat of America’s nativist far right – A look at the threat to America from the terrorists they don’t like to call terrorists.
The Creationist Brain Zap – Ken MacLeod on growing up in a creationist household, and how he learned to question it.
Friday music link, here on a Monday – D-Squared Digest on the economics of music videos and the lifestyle of journeyman rappers