Worth Reading 33: First preference

Probably far too many AV links for some people, but never mind…

This Movie Made Me Feel Bad To Be Alive: A Review Of Sucker Punch – This looked atrocious from the trailers, but the reality of the film appears to be even worse. (via)
AV myths – A handy collation of answers to all the disinformation being put out by the No campaign.
Warsi makes hypocritical claim on BNP pandering – And I bet the next time she trots out some lies about AV on TV, no journalist will confront her with this.
How complicated is the Alternative Vote? – A tale of two flowcharts to show you which of FPTP and AV makes it easier for the voter.
The Liberal Democrats tug hard at the Concession-O-Meter – For those of you doubting Lib Dem influence on the Government, the sound of Tories wailing about the power of Chris Huhne could be interesting.

And here’s your traditional occasional bonus piece – a letter by me on AV in the local paper.