As some of you may recall a couple of weeks ago, I was advised by someone in my comments that I needn’t bother canvassing in my election as I was going to get thrashed.

This morning, I discovered that Castle Ward was one of the Green Party’s national targets, with activists coming from all over to help out in an attempt to defeat me.

And tonight, I found that I had been elected as the next Councillor from Castle Ward:

Barlow Nick Liberal Democrats 940
Lynn Peter James Green Party 740
Granger Glenn Darren Conservatives 469
Powell Michael Labour 142

If you’re going to earn the people’s trust, first you must trust the people. Thanks to everyone who voted for me, and I may post in more detail tomorrow, but right now it’s past 3am and I need to sleep for a week or two.

UPDATE: And one quick addendum, to ask the power of the internet to help. One of my new colleagues – Mark Cory, who won Wivenhoe Cross from the Conservatives by 24 votes – is only 20. Obviously, this makes him the youngest Councillor in Colchester’s history, but how many councillors younger than him have been elected tonight across the country?


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  2. Congratulations!
    (But is your young colleague’s election legal? I thought you had to be 21.)

  3. Congratulations from South Essex! 200 (your majority) is a nice round figure…

    Rochford counts this morning, we should hold what we are defending, and there’s a chance of a gain…

  4. You got it? Yay! Good work, sir!

  5. Nice one, Councillor Barlow! I’m not actually a fan of Lib Dems in general as such, but in your case I’ll make an exception.

  6. Well done Nick.

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  8. Excellent news, Nick. Congrats!

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  10. Thanks for the comments – and yes Mark is legal, Nicholas – the rules were changed this year to reduce the minimum age for candidates to 21. Plus, he’s got a name very close to a character from Hartnell-era Doctor Who :)

  11. From what I gather, an 18 year old’s been elected somewhere. Doubtless somewhere more used to donkeys with rosettes…

  12. “From what I gather, an 18 year old’s been elected somewhere. Doubtless somewhere more used to donkeys with rosettes…”

    That was in Brentwood, the 18 year old Tory winning Warley off the Lib Dems.

    And as this is a place that elects Eric Pickles as MP the Donkey comment is quite fair.

  13. Young councillors must be an Essex thing – there’s a 19 year old one in Tendring now as well.

  14. Excellent work, Nick!

  15. Well done, Nick!! :)

  16. Nick WELL DONE!!!!!

    I’m proud of you… Now you can end up running England, with the SNP getting the biggest vote up here… that Presidency of Scotland is now back on the cards for me!

    I’m really chuffed for you.

  17. Richard Huzzey @ 2007-05-05 07:34

    Congrats Nick!

  18. Vicky ex vodkabird @ 2007-05-05 16:28